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Training The Mind, Body & Spirit

Training The Mind, Body & Spirit

Self-Defense | Self-Confidence | Self-Discipline | Self-Esteem | SUCCESS

Self-Defense | Self-Confidence | Self-Discipline | Self-Esteem | SUCCESS

About Us

Qualified Instructors

Training with experienced instructions is training for success!  Sensei Tony Tasillo and Sempai John-Marco Tasillo are what this family run Martial Arts Karate dojo is all about.  With many years of experience they offer a variety of knowledge in Goju Ryu Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi Chuan, Kobudo, Kendo, Self Defense and C.Q.C.S. Sambo.

Modern Studio

We train on only the best 40 mm Premium foam mats.  They have a tough tatami top texture. Made of the highest quality EVA high density foam in 40” x 40” / 1m x 1m interlocking tiles, these mats offer a very safe training surface, durable surface yet soft enough for jiu jitsu, break falls, rolls and take downs.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple, to provide the best possible learning environment, with the best instructors  for a fair and reasonable price.  For children aged 4 to 16 years old and for adults 17 and up.


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Streetsville Martial Arts Karate Inc

43 Queen St North, Streetsville, ON L5N1A2, CA

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