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Kalyna's Close Quarters Combat Sambo

 by Master-Instructor


Sixth Degree Black Belt

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SAMBO is an acronym of Russian  words in English translation meaning  Self - Defence without weapons.

Combat Sambo is a composite style of fighting constantly growing and evolving. Almost every form of fighting technique found in any martial art today has been incorporated into Combat Sambo. This is one of the most complete self - defence systems in the world.  It incorporates: grappling, striking, throwing, joint locks, leg and foot locks, kicking and ground fighting.

A brief history:  Combat Sambo is  a compilation of techniques from many martial art styles, including some techniques from Asia, Middle East and Europe.  Sambo experts also acquired many techniques and tactics from street fighters, a number of these techniques were included in Combat Sambo. Today Sambo consists of three components: Sport Sambo (Olympic Sport), Self -Defence Sambo, and Combat Sambo.

Sport Sambo is similar to Judo, but with some differences in rules, protocol and uniform.

Self-Defence Sambo is intended to be entirely defensive against attacks by armed and unarmed individuals.  It is also very useful for rape prevention and for children’s self-defence.  The weight, strength or size of the opponent are irrelevant.​

Combat Sambo is designed to prepare an individual to be effective in any situation. The main purpose of Combat Sambo is to “SURVIVE”. With its ever-growing arsenal of techniques adopted from many martial arts and fighting forms, it is one of the most comprehensive self - defence and survival systems in the World.​

C.Q.C Sambo was devised for training by elite forces and former Soviet Union special commando units.

Close Quarters Combat (C.Q.C) training methods were the most effective ways of preparation for Special Purpose Forces. The goal of C.Q.C. is the total control or destruction of the opponent in the most expedient manner.

To contact Greg please email him at: [email protected]

Classes: Sundays: 12:00-14:00 pm